Kenna Media provides an interactive business intelligence reporting dashboard that equips clients to analyze data quickly and confidently. You’re no longer constrained to a million rows of Excel spreadsheet data or a monthly report that only answers a few questions, you can now interact and visualize your data live!


An executive dashboard is like a thermometer for your business. This dashboard gives you at-a-glance understanding of profitability, with views presented by ROI, Demographic, and Geography


Sometimes you need to reallocated marketing funds throughout the course of a campaign. Understanding the effectiveness of each medium is critical to achieving the highest value.


Sometimes a dashboard is more fun than a dashboard – its a full interactive application that lets users explore data in a rich and detailed way. Explore your competition with responsive pin maps.


While some business reporting dashboards are used over and over again, it is often useful to create a dashboard on the fly to investigate an issue or provide background for a strategic decision.


Keep a close look at campaign progress, make adjustments and decisions based on the numbers your audience is telling you. Utilize this tool while you travel and keep it in your pocket to review 24/7 globally.