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Everything is harder alone.

No need to hunt for the truth

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every detail matters
Contagious perfection.

We all find success when we are great at few, than okay at all. Here at KENNA® we believe in constant focused perfection to our craft. We are backed by 42 years in the communications industry, serving startups to fortune 100 companies across the globe, and pass along those standards to our clients.

Creation; our soul, marketing; our thrill, production; our gratification - This process is our journey.

Design & Brand Strategy

Design and branding has never been more important to connect us. Inside every great brand is a spark. Let our award winning creative team ignite that spark for you.

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
Website, Mobile & UX

Your website is you, when you're not there. It is the most important tool for 
any business to communicate, harvest and grow; with consumers.

  • Web Design & Dev
  • Mobile & Application
  • User Experience Design
Video & Storytelling

There is no better expression 
than video storytelling. We build a story around your brand to 
leave that impression.

  • Video Production
  • Animation & 3D
  • Content Development
Technical Production

We utilize our 42 year expertise to build and manufacture custom product in-house. Trust us, holding the vision in 
you hands will be worth it.

  • Custom Product Dev
  • Cut & Sew Custom Apparel Dev
  • Print & Packaging
We just fit ...
Let's talk about your next project.

Wonder no more whether you can. We love all shapes and sizes - There is no company too small or large.

An all in one power house of production and creative ability ...
these guys are really good!
– Jonathan Segal, Microsoft - XBOX
Blog - Hacks & Facts

Somebody's gotta pave the way here. Keep up on industry standards, and best practices.

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  • How much does branding cost?

    Branding can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to multi-millions for larger corporations. What’s the difference in what you get and how much should you invest in your business’ brand? Here’s a general list of prices that start-up and small growing businesses should expect to pay for a professional branding project that may […]
  • Top 25 Branding Tips for Startups

    Branding is a tricky business. It’s one of those things where you see a better return on investment with the more you invest. In the startup phase, you don’t have the budget to put aside for branding, for many, it’s an afterthought, which is a bad way of looking at your company’s branding efforts.   […]

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